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We have been manufacturing furniture for almost twenty years, maitaining a family tradition, finest craftsmanship and enviable reputation for reliability and customer support.

Each furniture piece is a handmade individual, designed to show the natural beauty of oak wood. It has simple, unpretentious charm, yet handcrafted and top-quality materials give it a noticeable elegance.

All products are made from solid oak harvested from Polish certified sustainable forests. Oak is a hardwood tree found all over the world. It produces a beautiful and strong wood. Because of oak wood's natural properties, a little bit of care can make the wood last for decades without losing its beauty.

Oak Trunk

Round Table Ø100

2-seater mini bench

2-Seater No-Back Bench

Oak Commode

'Nordik' 3-Seater Sofa

'Flora' Table

3-seater Swing

Oak Double Bed


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